The Calm Before the Calm

Thus far it’s been a pretty slow morning, not much to get excited about, but that can change at any time. I’m really hoping it does.

Following yesterday’s 6.4 quake off the coast of Vancouver I’ve been watching the seismographs at St. Helens, Rainier, and around the Pacific Northwest, and see nothing of import as yet. Normal background seismicity prevails. Galeras in Columbia is pretty quiet this morning. There was a 4.7 quake amid that recent cluster of quakes in the Fox Islands just now, following a 3.3 last night, and there will likely be more.

Katla in Iceland continues to tremble, but as yet no signs of eruption and it looks quite serene on the webcam. There was a jolt on this morning’s seismograph there though. Popo in Mexico has a slight vapor above it’s crater last I looked, and I can’t find a webicorder for it so I wait. I’ve seen no news of new activity there. It’s a slow morning.

Tambora may be relaxing a bit, ‘smoke’ has not been observed above the crater since the 5th. The newest information I can find is from the 7th, when 6 shallow volcanic quakes were recorded, those having been ongoing since August 30th. I sure do wish I could get at the seismographs there! Tambora remains at level 3 alert, and may well yet do something interesting.

I checked Merapi this morning, nothing serious happening there, but elsewhere gunung (volcano) Dukono, on Indonesia’s Halmahera Island, has increased activity of late, it’s alert level having been raised on Sept. 6 and 2km exclusion zone has been established around the base of the volcano. Dukono is in a pretty remote place, so news doesn’t come out that often. It produced ash plumes in January of 09, and seems to have been waking up again this last month. On the 6th it produced an ash cloud 800 meters into the sky, and the observation post there says they have recorded dozens of volcanic quakes per day. Explosions were heard on August 11th.


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