Cerro Machin in Columbia

Over the month of August Cerro Machin volcano in Columbia has seen increasing seismicity and local reports there tell of the volcano ‘roaring’ which has not gone over well there with the locals as it is worrisome and may lead to significant unpleasantness and post-eruption cognitive dissonance.

This morning I checked the seismographs there and see this at station CIMA SHZ OM:

That’s some serious seismicity. ElnuevoDia tells us:

The volcano Cerro Machin ‘roared’ and rocked the districts of Tapias, billets and the municipality of Cajamarca.

The tremors have occurred since last Wednesday, recording a slight increase in seismic activity and presenting maximum tremor of 2.6 on the Richter scale on Thursday at 8:55 pm, according to the Volcano Observatory and Seismological Manizales.

Cerro Machin volcano, Columbia

The epicenter of the quake was located to the southwest of the main dome in an area known as Moral, four to five kilometers deep.

“At about 9:00 pm and shook hard this morning (yesterday) was reintroduced an earthquake, at about 5:00 am. He has been upset, roars and trembles. He had been quiet, but the volcano again began to shake, “said Luis Vargas, a farmer who lives a few meters from the dome of the volcano Cerro Machin.

Meanwhile, Rigoberto Hernandez, who lives in the camp industry, Tapia said: “Yesterday (Thursday) felt three tremors, one at 2:00 in the afternoon, another at 3:00 and night, which was very strong, and roar was heard on earth. Alarms have to announce an emergency are not working well, because when the power goes out and returns are activated alone. That’s why people and makes them little heed. “

Cerro Machin last erupted about 800 years ago, and it seems like it’s getting ready to do it again. Machin is a smallish volcano at the south end of the Ruiz-Tolima massif near the city of Ibagué. It’s 3500 ft. wide caldera has three dacitic lava domes in it. It has been determined that during it’s previous eruptions it produced pyroclastic flows that traveled as far as 40 km from the volcano. If Machin does that again the city of Ibagué is within easy reach, and as we know pyroclastic flows are a very nasty business.

Nevado del Ruiz is also more active of late, as I mentioned last week here, and a look at the seismograph at station OLLN SHN OM there shows us this:

Seismic ativity at Nevado del Ruiz Sept. 12

So things are lively there in Columbia, and we might expect an eruption down the road.


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