Ruiz Rattles, St. Helens Twitches, Cleveland Oozes…

I had thought that Columbia’s volcanoes were not yet done, and it would seem that they are not. Yesterday and this morning there has been strong seismic activity beneath the Ruiz-Tolima massif showing up on the seismographs for Ruiz, Machin, and Cerro Bravo.

Nevado del Ruiz

Ruiz Sept 20 OLL SHZ OM day quake

This event showed at all three volcanoes yesterday, although strongest at Ruiz, and has been followed by enough seismicity to show that things are not at peace under the Ruiz-Tolima massif. I really wish I had a good picture of the magmatic system there  as a context for what I see on the seismographs at each of the volcanoes.

Cerro Machin 09-20-11 2nd quake

A second quake followed the event shown above, and was strongest at Cerro Machin, which shows relatively quiet this morning, but of course that could change at any time. There have been some moderate rumblings at Ecuador’s Antisana volcano this morning, and last night at Reventador, but nothing to be overly concerned about as yet.

Monday I was cheered to see the return of the VALT broadband seismograph at Mt. St. Helens, and it came back online not long before an event was recorded there in front of the lava dome and that was followed by second event this morning of about the same size.

Welcome back VALT, Monday Sept. 19th.

So it would appear that St. Helens is still active and things are still going on under that lava dome. Nothing to get too excited about as yet, but it is interesting to watch.

VALT this morning, Sept. 21st

There is no news out of Indonesia that I can dig up this morning, Tambora is what I’d like to hear about, and I’ve heard there are now some western journalists there posting some scary hyped stories about it, which I don’t take at all  seriously because had Tambora done anything exciting or interesting we certainly would have heard a lot more than they have posted about it. They flew down there, so I guess they have to post something. The last update we have from there was on the 9th from Badan Geologi, and it doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.

Cleveland Volcano

Alaska’s beautifully symmetrical Cleveland volcano continues it’s activity such as that is, and is now reported to be “oozing” lava down it’s flanks as it’s lava dome, which already filled the crater, continues to grow. Of course if that lava dome becomes unstable and collapses we could see an eruption, perhaps on the order of the 2006 eruption, but nothing seriously plinian should be expected. Ash plume hazards for aircraft may occur, and we might get some pretty neat pictures. Cleveland has oozed before this, that being the “thermal anomaly” mentioned in the press. It’s the sophisticated way of saying there’s hot lava coming out of the crater. Write that down, there may be a quiz later.

Yellowstone appears quiet this morning after a few small events on the YPK seismograph at the east end of the caldera yesterday, and not much is registering at Red Lodge east of the park either, which is a good thing.

Popocatépetl has resumed puffing, and more PopoPuffs are appearing on the PopoCam this morinng after two days of relative quiet. There seems to be stronger output from the volcano now than in the recent past.

Popo Puffs this morning on the PopoCam

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day should anything interesting occur.


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