A Curious Thing…

After the shutdown of the Columbian online helicorders this week, I am now finding that all the online seismographs surrounding the Yellowstone Park area were stopped from updating online early this morning, and no more data is coming out of them. Some of the seismographs inside the caldera were updating after that, but it’s difficult to make anything of what they are saying.

YNR 09-24-11

On the YNR seismograph at Norris we see what looks like continuous and uniform tremor, but I can’t quite believe that’s really seismic activity. I’m thinking it might be radio noise walking all over the radio link for the seismograph, or some kind of unusually prolonged hydrothermal tremor. I’m really not sure what to make of it. More to the point, I’m not sure why they left seismographs updating online within the park after shutting down all those outside the park.

Yellowstone YMR 9-24-11

Not far away at the Madison River station we see the activity picking up well before it usually does during the day, that being around 5:00 pm most days. Again, I’m not sure what to make of it, other than increased hydrothermal activity, which would tend to indicate increased heat, from increased magma, and I’d really rather not go there. So what I’m seeing today is rather curious. All the seismographs outside the park shut down on the web, and this going on inside the park. It seems as the days pass more and more seismographs become inaccessible online for some reason. I can’t really imagine why all of a sudden the helicorders at Red Lodge, Pinedale, Bozeman, Missoula, among others, would stop updating early this morning.

Just now trying to get to the MSO SPZ US seismograph at Missoula I get this:

The last time I heard of this happening was in 2009, after there had been some very worrisome seismic activity and ground uplift at Yellowstone, and USGS took down all the seismographs for the region on the web. Last night as I was looking at them there were large pieces of data missing, as though it had been edited out.

If anyone knows anything about this please do tell.


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