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Katla Threatens, Krakatau Blows

So I’m back  after a nasty hard disk failure, sorry for the absence, but a six year old Mac Mini can be a testy machine at times. These things happen. Word has it that Katla is working up to an … Continue reading

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Kamchatka, Canaries, and Seismo-Art

For the most part the volcanoes of the world are not really ringing my bell lately. Tambora, my favorite, has not done anything interesting at all beyond it’s rumblings throughout August, or at least we have not heard anything if … Continue reading

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A Curious Thing…

After the shutdown of the Columbian online helicorders this week, I am now finding that all the online seismographs surrounding the Yellowstone Park area were stopped from updating online early this morning, and no more data is coming out of … Continue reading

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Seismo-Blackout Columbia

It would seem that seismic data has stopped coming out of Columbia, at least for the Ruiz-Tolima massif. Several of the seismographs at Ruiz ceased updating online on the 20th, and shortly before midnight on the 21st  the rest of … Continue reading

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Ruiz Rattles, St. Helens Twitches, Cleveland Oozes…

I had thought that Columbia’s volcanoes were not yet done, and it would seem that they are not. Yesterday and this morning there has been strong seismic activity beneath the Ruiz-Tolima massif showing up on the seismographs for Ruiz, Machin, … Continue reading

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Maurice and Katia, A Love Story

Among we who are fascinated with volcanoes there are very few of us so enamored of  them that we would willingly climb right up the edge of an erupting crater just to take pictures of of the eruption. In volcanology … Continue reading

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Volcano Patrol Sept. 19th

The most recent news out of Indonesia I’ve been able to find is that Semeru volcano (really a quite beautiful volcano) is erupting 3-4 times a day, and there is a growing lava dome in the crater. Activity at Semeru … Continue reading

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