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Katla Threatens, Krakatau Blows

So I’m backĀ  after a nasty hard disk failure, sorry for the absence, but a six year old Mac Mini can be a testy machine at times. These things happen. Word has it that Katla is working up to an … Continue reading

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Ruiz Rattles, St. Helens Twitches, Cleveland Oozes…

I had thought that Columbia’s volcanoes were not yet done, and it would seem that they are not. Yesterday and this morning there has been strong seismic activity beneath the Ruiz-Tolima massif showing up on the seismographs for Ruiz, Machin, … Continue reading

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The Calm Before the Calm

Thus far it’s been a pretty slow morning, not much to get excited about, but that can change at any time. I’m really hoping it does. Following yesterday’s 6.4 quake off the coast of Vancouver I’ve been watching the seismographs … Continue reading

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Toba: Could It Happen Again?

Recent seismic events in the vicinity of the Toba supervolcano have given rise to a great deal of speculation, much of it apocalyptic. Yesterday I watched a magnitude 6.6 quake in progress 30 miles west of the Toba site, and … Continue reading

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Indonesia Heats Up

Update: As I write this at 2:21 pm Florida time an earthquake is ongoing in northern Sumatra with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 and 30 miles west of the Toba supervolcano caldera. This just after a 5.1 quake further south … Continue reading

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